About Us

Picture This is a full service art management agency, we curate and collaborate with artists from across the globe.

With over 20 years of experience across a wide variety of creative fields including installation, large scale mural works, festival production, video and print media, Picture This aims to bridge the gap between business and the arts community through a variety of creative outlets and projects.

We aim to improve the world around us with the support of artists through public commissions, festivals and pop up events. To date we have collectively worked with over 1000 artists and have helped launch emerging artists while achieving a balance between commercial and lo fi art projects.

By generating, producing and curating projects with partners and a wide range of creatives, we present playful, diverse and engaging ideas to community groups, government agencies, local councils and various commercial entities.


What we do

With previous events and clients such as Wonderwalls Port Adelaide, Neon Forest, The Big Picture Fest, Day On The Cans, Beer & BBQ Fest and Spin Off we aim to efficiently produce a high quality product and experience to satisfy and exceed the vision of our clients as well as our artist’s creative outcomes.

We develop and transform precincts into outdoor public art galleries, including the curation and production of two 10 story giant murals by international artists Etam Cru, Askew One and Deus as part of Wonderwalls Port Adelaide on the former Marine and Harbours building.

We have been involved in the creation of hundreds of public works across numerous council areas, creating and producing murals, sculptures, lighting designs and more.

We work alongside and within the world’s second largest Fringe festival in Adelaide, South Australia with programmed theming, creative development and curation.

By facilitating partnerships, products and services to our clients we enable effective outcomes on a larger scale and create greater platforms for artists.

Our services

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